I work in film, television, and commercial production within the art department. I am happy to wear any mask within the art department, I’ve got experience as a production designer for short films and commercial spots, as prop master and assistant, as set dresser, buyer, etc etc.

I also moonlight as a film photographer (analog film, that is). Within the ‘Photography’ section of my site, all images were shot on 35mm or 120mm, with black and white negative processing and enlarging done by myself. I got my training and a BA in Studio Art from Colorado College, where I gained knowledge and experience in traditional darkroom printing, polaroid process, practice in alternative processes such as wet plate collodion, cyanotype, using wintergreen and citrasol to transfer images, and pinhole photography. I’m also a printmaker trained in polymer plates, zinc etching, gum xerox transfers, and linoleum and woodcut prints, as well as in traditional letterpress printing.

Reach out with any inquiries (work or otherwise) at lelawulsin@gmail.com


Instagram @pastarules